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    Photoshop CC Shape Layer Gradients Not the Same as CS6


      I'm demo-ing Photoshop CC, and I came across an unexpected behavior when opening a CS6 PSD.


      I have a shape layer that is composed of closed curves which use the path operation "Intersect Shape Areas." In CS6, I added a layer style with a tight gradient that is vertically positioned to show a certain part of the gradient, and the gradient seems to be confined to only the visible intersection of the paths.


      In CC, however, the gradient seems to be applied to the entire region of the paths, and not just the intersection - as if there were no path operation performed. Here's an image to show what I mean:



      The only way I could reproduce the desired effect in CC was to merge the shape components. But, I'd rather be able to keep the shapes editable at a boolean level.


      Is there some setting that I'm missing?

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          Giordano - ACP Italy Adobe Community Professional

          Hi K_Sereby,

          The CC version of Photoshop introduces new way of working on shapes so as to facilitate the changes at any time in a non-destructive way,but this may change some details such as exposed by you therefore I think you should take advantage of the new features, but you should find a slightly different way to get that result.

          However, at the moment I don't know how you can do, but I invite you to take a look at the overview of new features that could be of help:


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            K_SEREBY Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Giordano. That does help - and I think the new way of working with shapes is fantastic!

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              I don't want to just start a new thread with the same topic so thought I would tag onto this one.


              The behaviour described by K_SEREBY is something which I am also experiencing, and for me is a bit of a deal breaker. For files opened in CC which were created in an earlier version gradient fills/ styles on shape layers do not appear the same.

              The only way to have them appear the same is to do as K_SEREBY says and "merge shape components", which is a completely destructive way of working.


              It isn't something which is consistent either across Layer Styles, gradients behave as described, whereas inner glow, inner shadow and stroke for example all work as they did before, taking into account shape interaction.

              Having said that using the stroke feature of vectors available on the top bar again works differently as shown in the below image. On the left the result of 3 interacting vector shapes with a vector stroke - no stroke visible. On the right the same shape with the same stroke effect but after merge shape components has been done - vector stroke visible.


              stroke test.jpg




              It's all very confusing and not very pleasant to use, is there a work around? The video linked doesn't shed any light on the problem at hand, only highlighting something else which doesn't even show up for me when a shape is selected i.e. Live Vector Properties, but that is another story.

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                K_SEREBY Level 1

                While we're on the topic of unexpected behaviors...


                I'm going to redact my previous statement about the new way of working with shapes. At first, I was excited about the hype, but in practice it's become incredibly frustrating.


                The direct path selection tool is not limited to the currently selected shape layer: all visible paths are selectable regardless of the active layer. This causes frequent incorrect/unintentional selections. The only way around this is to go through a VERY cumbersome set of steps that is far worse than the CS6 method:


                1. Choose the Path Selection Tool
                2. Double-click on the shape to be edited in order to isolate it
                3. Switch to the Direct Selection Tool
                4. Select elements of the shape


                In CS6:


                1. Choose the Direct Selection Tool
                2. Click on a path to select its elements


                Additionally, in CS6 you could select a shape layer and copy it using CTRL + J regardless of whether that shape layer was visible or not. In CC, if you copy a hidden shape layer using CTRL + J, the layer is copied, but the paths are not - so you end up with an empty shape layer. In order to properly copy a shape layer in CC, you first need to make the layer visible. To me, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, especially considering that copying any other kind of layer works as expected whether that layer is initially visible or not.

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                  danfitchie Level 1

                  Not quite sure if this is the same as what you are talking about K_SEREBY, but on this link it looks like they may have changed that drag behaviour in a patch: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/path_direct_selection_tool_selecting _multiple_paths_on_drag_select


                  Until someone sheds some light on the gradient problem, I'm going to have to stick with CS6, I guess I could duplicate the shape, merge components and use it as a clipping mask on the editable layer below for the gradient but I don't see why I should fight the inconsistency.


                  Have you found a way around the issue?