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    randomly placed elements on stage?

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi everyone!

      I've been away for awhile (busy with other projects) but now I'm back :-)


      I've got a question:

      I'm working on a small banner type ad for someone.   The ad has the word "FREE" that turns on and off about every 1/8 second using opacity and placing the elements in different places on the stage - works fine.

      However, I was wondering if some kind soul could tell me if it is possible to take one element (the "free" text) and have it randomly run at different places on the stage (jQuery I suppose)?

      My only reason for this is to learn something new and clean up the stage that currently has 30 elements, all duplicates!


      PS - In case anyone is worried about the "speed" of these (epilepsy for example), I plan to look this up before putting it out there, unless someone already has an idea of a safe "blink" time :-)