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    Does CS6 support MP4/AVC/h.264?


      I've received conflicting answers from Adobe support on whether CS6 supports MP4/AVC/h.264 files.


      Premiere Pro has no problem with my AVCHD files but stutters heavily on the MP4 files, both of which are produced by my Canon XA20 camcorder.


      My system is fairly robust:


      CPU: Intel 3770K

      Memory: 32GB with 26GB available to Premiere Pro

      Source/Scratch disks: 2 x 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSDs

      GPU: nVidia GTX670 with CUDA enabled in Premiere Pro


      This is the file's codec profile:




      So, my question is: Is this type of file supported by CS6? If so, what may be the cause of the playback stuttering in the source and program monitors?


      Thank you for your help.