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    Code refactoring / Indenting

    nuthman Level 1

      Are there any code refactoring tools available in the new code editor for Flash Professional CC? Sometimes I like to write in pure actionscript, in which case I'll use FlashBuilder. But a lot of times when I work with an artist who makes layouts and assets in Flash Professional, it would be nice to just be able to just work completely in flash without having to switch back and forth to FB.


      I like the new fast, streamlined code editor in Flash CC, but it is missing some great tools (as far as I can tell):


      From most important to least important:


      Refactoring (easily rename methods, properties and references.. This is a big one for me.)

      Correct Indentation

      Generate Getter / Setter

      Organize Imports


      I don't need the full robust tool set of Flash Builder, but at least a couple of simple tools would go a long way to making the code editor more powerful.