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    I can't find Adobe Premiere Pro CC on my computer!




      I installed Adobe Premiere Pro CC on my computer a couple of days ago and then my computer BSOD'd me and then my start up was damage so I did a system restore (restoring it to an earlier point in time) and when I did that, when I came back, Adobe Premiere Pro CC was gone! I still had Adobe Photoshop CC, but Premiere completely disappeared from my computer and the only thing I can find our some files in my documents for the program, I tried searching the start task bar to find it, it was gone, I went to control panel to find it, it was gone, then finally I went on Adobe Creative Cloud to find it, I saw an update for the program and I thought if I installed it, it would pop up again, but when I did, it just did nothing. I uninstalled Adobe Creative Cloud and reinstalled it, thinking it would give me the option to install the program again, but it never appeared.


      What happened? And can someone help me?!