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    Why do the MP4 files that I import to Premiere Pro CC have unsynced audio? (Resolved)


      I have identified and resolved.the issue. There is a bug with how Premeire Pro handles importing videos with variable frame rate.


      Community Memeber Walter.Johnson found a work-around at the bottum of this post, which also has the identification and submission of the bug itself:





      I had to convert the video with "constant framerate" selected in handbrake. I'm believe the ffmpeg CLI equivilant switch is "-cfr" but I have not tested to be sure.


      I can now import videos with synced audio!




      I have recorded several hours of footage using a program called XSplit (a screen recording tool).


      The files are recorded in a FLV format and I then convert them to MP4 as premiere pro cant read then in FLV.


      In a MP4 format I can import the files into Premiere Pro CC and the video looks perfect, but the audio is unsynced. It is also unsynced in non-linear way so it is not something that I can simply unlink and adjust to compensate as it would have to be done manually every minute.

      If I import these same MP4s into other video editing programs they import perfectly fine and have no audio sync issues what-so-ever. I only experience this issue in Premeire Pro CC. I can even tested these videos in 6 different media players and they play perfecly fine.

      If I convert the files to AVI using ffmpeg or ffmpeg assisted tools it will not import into Premiere Pro CC and gives a "unsupported format or damaged file" error. Once again, this avi can be played and edited in several other programs no problem.


      Here are the details about one of these files:


      VIdeo Codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

      Video: 1280x720

      Audio Codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 ACC LC

      Audio: 44100hz 63 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)


      Anyone have any ideas on why the audio is becomming de-synced in Premiere Pro CC only?