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    No CUDA Support


      Hello, I recently purchased Premiere Pro CS6 box set after being told by many that it is a better editing program. I have been using Sony`s Vegas Pro 12 but had been having a lot of trouble with it. I installed Premiere Pro 6 and noticed my GPU`s were not recognized. I checked on the Adobe site to see what was supported and the 600 series were listed. I run 2 ASUS GTX 670`s in SLI configuration. I work mainly with Hi-def video and need all the rendering power I can get. I updated PP6 after installing it, current version in 6.0.3 (001). Being new to the software I could do with any help available to get the software to recognize the GPU`s so I can use CUDA to help with the render process. Regards Stewart

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Dual GPUs wasn't supported until Premiere Pro CC.  You will probably need to undo the SLI, and may even need to physically remove one of the cards.

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            Unfortunately, Premiere Pro CS6 does not support SLI at all. It supports only a single GPU for CUDA acceleration.


            In addition, CS6 (even with the 6.0.3 update) by default runs in software-only mode with a non-"certified" card such as your GTX 670 installed. You will need to edit the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file to add the GTX 670 to that list in order to enable MPE GPU acceleration.

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              Trainman6330 Level 1

              My thanks to those who have responded, much appreciated. Using one card is not an issue, Vegas Pro 12 does not support SLI either. I have a question for RjL 190365. You mentioned editing the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file. Might sound like a stupid question but where would I find it. I used the Windows O/S search function with no luck. If adding the card to the file and was accepted  things would be great if not then I might of wasted a lot of money. My thanks again and regards. Stewart

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                JEShort01 Level 4

                Your GTX 670 should work just fine.


                You don't need to edit the cuda_supported_cards.txt file, simply rename it or delete it alltogether.


                Windows search is lame!


                You will find it in the following folder: c:\program files\adobe\adobe Premiere Pro CS6





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                  Trainman6330 Level 1

                  Thanks Jim, I will play around with the GPU`s today, disable the SLI and if still no luck remove one card and will also find that file now I know where it is. I agree Windows search is lame. When I did my homework prior to purchasing the suite I did notice the NVidia 600 series cards were supported. Once again my thanks to you and the others for the help. Much appreciated, Stewart