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    insert disk 1?

    2patz Level 1
      I removed RH7 from a user's desktop and am trying to re-install it. I get the startup screen and am prompted to repair or remove. I've selected both without any change, then the Windows Installer box pops up and I get an installation progress box. About 5 seconds later, and about 1/10th of the way through the progress bar, a box opens asking for Disk: 1 (formatted just like that).
      So the removal through Add & Remove wasn't complete. How do I remove all, or enough, of the previous install so I can re-install?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi 2patz and welcome to the RH community. You are right to suspect that the uninstall did not remove everything. This does happen occasionally. Follow the advice on this knowledge base article for further help.
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            2patz Level 1
            Thanks Colum,

            The KB Article you referenced was for RH Office. Don't know if that's vastly different from RH7 but I removed the Registry stuff already. Well, I think I removed it. Something's stuck in there still. Now I'm getting "your installation data is corrupt, contact support". Can't duplicate this on another machine, and RH7 is still in Add & Remove. I'm looking at re-imaging the PC.
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              Linux Rules
              Hello 2patz -

              You may not like this answer...

              First, did you go into RoboHelp and properly remove the license or did you just go to the Windows Add/Remove and do Remove?

              If you did not remove the license and only did the Add/Remove, there IS "stuff" left behind - it's in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. This is where Adobe products write the license info. If not properly "removed" the next attempt to install the app will likely fail.

              As to re-imaging your workstation, that is the best approach IF your image contains the backed up Master Boot Record - you would have had to deliberately use a switch in almost any imaging program to include the MBR in the image.

              If you didn't image the MBR you will need to format the Master Boot Record to delete the Adobe stuff (if you don't know how, just do a Google search on: format MBR OR "master boot record" - includes the ""). You may also need your Windows installation disk to restore the boot info into the MBR then restore from your image.