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    Sound after render


      I've tried rendering several times, with video shot from my iPhone, along with a few animated clips and imported music besides the music which is only a minute long, there is only the sound from the video(which is needed). The problem comes after rendering when I try to play the video back. The sound is out of sync and choppy through out the video. I've turn on the audio I even tried to expose the audio files before rendering. Any help at all is appreciated, the video is 12 minutes long and this is my 5th time rendering it.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without exact info on comp settings, render settings, system specs and so on nobody can tell you anything. From simple hardware issues to wrong render settings this could be anything.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are having trouble rendering then first - read the help files on Rendering. Follow the advice given in the help files for the kind of file you want to export. Since you are combining audio from different tracks you should also read the help files on working with audio. You'll find the index to After Effects Help here.


            If you are a complete beginner then read the getting started with After Effects information available on the home page of this forum. Using After Effects is a lot like flying an airplane. Without taking the time to get some instruction and do some studying you are destined to do things wrong the first time and end up in trouble.


            If none of this works you'll have to give us the info that Mylenium asked for because there are probably a billion ways to set up a project and at least a million ways to do it incorrectly.

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              Dhamm878 Level 1

              I never change the comp settings from the default settings, except for with and height, as for render settings I've formatted it as a quick time movie and Avi. File with audio out put on 44.100 kHz 16 bit stero, I'm using a hp pavilion 20 with windows 8

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This should answer your question. And you should definitely look at the Getting Started resources Rick linked. They will help you avoid a lot of frustration in the future.