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    open all documents of book

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      Me again, writing with Google Translate,  i'm sorry!

      I'm pretty begins on the subject, hope this forum even for beginners.

      If not, tell me and run away ...



      Two questions:



      A. Theoretically. When should I use "getElements" in addition to "everyItems"?



      In. Why this script does not open all my book documents?

      (Nothing happens)



      if (app.activeBook! = undefined) {

           myBook = app.activeBook;

           for (var a = 0; a <myBook.bookContents.length; a + +) {

             myItem = myBook.bookContents.item (a);

             var myS = myBook.bookContents.item (a). status;

           if (myS! = "DOCUMENT_IS_OPEN") {

                 app.open (myItem.filePath);





      Thank you!

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          Hello 13177el,


          Use the below code, may it help to open the all book contents


          Simple code:


              alert("please open the book")
          var myBook = app.activeBook;
          var myBookContents = app.activeBook.bookContents;
          for(k=0; k<myBookContents.length; k++)
              var myTotalContents = myBookContents[k].fullName.toString()


          For question A:


          getElements(): Used to store the some values in the variable like







          If the above code helps for you, then please click help or correct answers for me.




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            Thank you!!!

            It worked.

            (Just now I have to cancel the dialogues of rebounding questions...)