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    Deleting photos from Photoshop Starter 3.2


      New here - please be gentle! I deleted a pile of photos but didn't check the 'delete from hard drive' option. Now I can't find them to delete them fully from my lap top - I need the memory space! Help?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          The Lounge is basically for non-technical, or non-Adobe product discussions, and unfortunately, is pretty much dead nowadays.


          For the Photoshop Album questions, I will Move your post to that forum. I do not know how active it is, but as it's the correct place for your question, I think that you will get help there.


          Your links and any e-mail subscriptions will follow perfectly.


          Good luck,



          [Moved to Photoshop Album Forum]

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            Michelmnr Level 1

            Hi Bill, after a long rest I'm having another go! I first want to say thank you for your 2010 explanation about audio tracks (mono and stereo and so I understand the odd behaviour now!)I also much appreciate  your non judgmental attitude with your help. (If we were all very smart we would not need such forum! But I understand some of us can be rather frustrating to others!)  I hope it won't be too big a sin to ask here (the lounge) why my time line exported as a media that ends up an Avi file will not play the video part on MS Windows Player but is ok when re imported in PP(cs4). I tried to ask the question in different ways to the community but it returns nothing.  It's not a big deal but would be better if it did play. Thanks again MM