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    member creating by lingo

      hi lingorians,

      when i put this on a sprite it creates another member and sprite it work :D
      but in the movie i'm working on now it doesnt work :(
      the member is not created at all :S
      can it be that this is because i use external casts as well?
      i want to place it in the internal casts

      on mouseUp me
      myTextField = new(#text) -- also tried: myTextField = new(#text castLib 1)
      myTextField.name = "LAM_TEXT"
      myTextField.height = 4
      myTextField.width = 25
      myTextField.text = "test"
      sprite(20).memberNum = member(myTextField.name).number
      sprite(20).puppet = true
      sprite(20).visible = true
      sprite(20).locH = -120
      sprite(20).locV = 50

      thanx in advance and warm greetingz,
      Peter de Man