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    How to batch import mutiple MXF files from C300?




      I wondered how I can batch import mutiple MXF files from a Canon C300 reel? At the moment, I am inporting each clip individually, what is too time- consuming.


      Anyway, the problem is the file structure - the reel of a C300 looks like "Contens>Clips001>AA0058>AA005801.MXF". I have to select for each import the MXF file within the folder structure


      Does some have an workaround or another easy solution to batch import mutiple C300 MXF files?



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use the Canon XF utility to get single files.

          Or if you want to keep the metadata.

          Copy card to hdd and put it in a folder and give it a name (video 1, card 1, whatever),

          Now go to the Media Browser and navigate to the folder video 1.

          Now only the clips will show and you can import.

          Importing them all at once, select them all and right click: import.


          You can also import all the clips at once in the Project Window; double click to import.

          Navigate to folder Video 1, select Video 1 and hit Import Folder.