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    Same Preset Encodes Differently on Different Computers




      I recently upgraded to Windows 8 on my computer at work (not my choice) and have had some issues with a certain preset/exporter in Adobe Premiere there.  When I started at this job, I used Adobe Premiere 7 on Windows XP and eventually moved to Adobe Premiere CS4 on a 32-bit Windows 7 computer.  For our lowest quality export, we have always used the preset "WM9 NTSC 512K download" which produces a relatively low-qualty but still sharp video with a small file size.  We started with this in Premiere 7 and copied the preset over to CS4 when we went to that and had no issues.  Since moving to CS6 on a 64-bit machine, however, I get the message "no exporter found for this preset."


      This wouldn't necessarily be a problem, as I can easily replicate the settings and even just change a small setting in CS4 after importing the old .vpr and export essentially the same preset as an .epr, but when I do this, the WMV file encoded on the new x64 machine is far more pixelated and "runny" than when I do so on the older x32 machine. I have even installed CS4 x32 on the new machine and get the same results (actually worse, there is a thin black line on all exports in CS4 x32 on the new machine, regardless of export settings). The specs for the file come out basically exactly the same from the older computers and the new one when I check the properties, but the physical video is simply not as sharp and the quality is much more degraded. I apologize for not being able to be more specific, but it seems to me the new exporter for WMV is causing the issue, or perhaps something with Windows 8. Is there anything I can do to fix this? We encode a lot of videos with that format and need to be able to keep them as sharp as possible (with the small file size).  If the only answer is to return to Windows 7, that might be a possibliity as well.


      Thank you,