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    Adobe software is getting more and more buggier


      So, this is getting very frustating...

      I have noticed that Adobe software is featuring more and more bugs in the latest versions. (CC)

      Bug in After Effects is the following: there is this new feature that automatic reloads footage. So if you rendering a 3d sequence, AE reloads the seq.

      A very weard thing is that if you load a sequence starting from 'filename.750.jpg' to 'filename.1400.jpg' AE CANNOT find the footage on a new startup of the project.

      If you render the movie, you get those coloured bars. One can notice the bug when the footage in the project window is displaying blablag[0750]. Notice that this filename has a leading zero. The only solution to be absolutly sure that the sequence is fully loaded is to reimport that sequence. (do not replace, really import a new sequence)  (which is a pain if you a few)

      Then the filename will display no leading zeros.

      (not sure if one can disable this autoload, but even if I can, I dont want to disable that, I want that feature to work)


      Another bug: it is impossible to use the effect Timecode, AE will crash.

      btw, photoshop CC also features some bugs. Smart layers are broken, photoshop will crash. Airbrush is crashing. And all this is on very powerfull machine.



      Has anybody noticed the same thing????

      Very frustating, I have some deadlines and I cannot effort to rerender the whole bunch over and over again.


      Some machine info:

      Using the latest CC software

      on a macbook pro retina, highest model from 2013.

      Newest OSX system.

      16 gig ramm

      over 100gig is still free.