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    flash player 11.8_r800_94 crashes everytime.what to do?

    Saket Ruhatiya

      I today installed the latest version of adobe flash player(11.8_r88_94) and since the insallation it crashes everytime it is required to work its magic.and i repeat "EVERYTIME".i cannot watch youtube videos or playgames on web or do anything that has even a slightest connction with flash player.i have tried the following:

      Reloading the page

      reinstalling flash player

      uninstalling and installing

      rebooting and reinstalling

      and to my horror nothing happens.

      after sometime i realised it happens only on firefox(i have tested only two browsers) and not on chrome.and i am not a fan of chrome and love my firefox

      my firefox version is 24 and i am on the beta channel.

      my ram is 8 gb

      windows 7(64-bit)

      2gb radeon hd 7730

      core i7

      please help me if the problem is from my side or please release a fix for firefox ASAP.