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    How can I remove intermittent, analogue player text messages from my digitised old home movies?


      Hi Guys n Gals,


      Is someone able to help me with this? I'm very new to the world of digital video processing and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software so I was hoping that someone could point the way to an auto menu item that would help me to remove unwanted text from video. Failing that, perhaps to point the way to a self help video that could help me achieve the same.


      I have some very old analogue recordings that I have recently digitised and in an effort to polish the result before I enjoy, or revel, in the embarrassment of my kids, I would like to remove the video speed text that appears at intermittent points through the playback. The text is grey with a black border and the footage was all shot without a tripod so moves about a lot as well as zooms in and out randomly. (Well, video was a new toy to me 20 years ago and quite frankly I didn't have any more of a clue then or now ). (Please see attached image for a clue to what I'm talking about)


      Thanks in anticipation, Ian.


      Video Text.jpg