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    bford225 Level 1

      Hey I am photographer graduate, and I m still working out how to use ps touch in my workflow. I know that you can use all file formats even psd with ps touch. And I have tried it. Worked great. But it was too blurry/ grainy.


      Iam wondering what are other photographers doing with there work when editing in ps touch?


      Is it best to work jpegs, or is there a way to use psd .


      Now in photo shop for desktop, can you save a psd as a psdx?


      The file size I'm working with are 90 percent at 300dpi or 72depi



      I know that ps touch does not support raw editing yet. That's fine, bec I know that adobe is planing to move raw editing to Lightroom for mobile device. Which I'm supper excited.


      Any ideas ?