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    RoboHelp6 project not compiing -get exception error

    pjv@gs Level 1

      I have one FlashHelp project (about 900 topics) that was converted to RoboHelp6 on one PC and it works fine, compiles with no problem. There are 2 tech writers on the project and we don't have version control so we back all the project files up to a server and then download to our C drives when we need to work on that project.

      When this one project is downloaded to a different PC, it downloads okay and opens fine. However, when we try to compile it, we it dies at the "Updating for FlashHelp..." in the Generating FlashHelp window. Get RoboHTML Application Error window --- The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000000d) occurred in application at location 0x7813893f.

      What's weird is it only happens when we copy the project another machine and try to compile. I did contact Adobe and the project compiles if I use WebHelp but not FlashHelp as primary layout.

      If I try using the tech note to fix a corrupt html file by blowing away the cpd & xpj files and then reopen using the hhp, I not only lose some of my templates but all of my conditional build tags. In addition, I get a bunch of funky error messages regarding apj files not being writable.

      What I don't understand is why this project should be working fine on one machine and not another. I've even deleted it for the machine where it works and downloaded it from the server. Still no problem.