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    ?Can I put my old PageMaker 7.0 upgrade onto a new computer?


      I am thinking of buying a new computer.  I have pages in PageMaker documents that are full of pictures.  The pictures are saved no where else, not even as jpgs.  I want to install PageMaker on a new computer so I can just copy the document and have access to it.  Otherwise I have to go into each page and save each picture as a jpg.  So, can I put this PageMaker 7.0 upgrade onto a new computer? and will it have the entire program on it.  The original program I put on was on floppies!


      Thank you.



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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Well, can you run those floppies in a new computer?


          PM has been officially dead for several years now, and its last version is now more than ten years old. Some people have claimed here that they have installed it and are running it flawlessly in modern computers, but I don't recall any of them explaining in detail how they did it. And they are outnumbered by far by those who complain because they cannot install it, or because they have installed it but find that it is misbehaving.

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            Jay Chevako Level 3

            Pagemaker is zombie-ware see Claudio's statement above. Storing pictures within Pagemaker is never a good idea. Pagemaker stores the image preview, not the actual image. so if you placed a 300 dpi image at 100% (size does matter in this) pagemaker will only store 72 dpi worth of preview. This also creates bloated pagemaker files that are easily corruptible. The process of copying and pasting in and out of pagemaker is never good for the photos, and saving each picture as jpg from pagemaker is a convoluted process.  I would recommend saving each document as a pdf, with no compression, and then using Acrobat professional to extract the photos at their actual resolutions.


            If you have a computer that runs pagemaker, I would suggest dealing with those photos while you can. It's good that you came here before you bought the new computer, we mostly get people who find out too late that pagemaker won't work on their new computer.

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              BigJohnD Level 3

              I can only echo what Claudio and Jay have said.


              If you feel you must proceed, then copy the PM7 floppies onto a USB stick, many new PCs (e.g. mine) no longer have ports on the mother board for a floppy disk drive.