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    Aligning audio tracks in PProCC sequence

    E Bond

      I have a two audio tracks in this project, one was recorded with a Rode videomic on a DSLR. The other was recorded through a mixer onto a CD. In my sequence, I've placed a marker at 00;00;08;03 where the soloist's 1st note is heard on the CD audio track, and another marker at 00;00;25;18 where the soloist's 1st note is heard on the audio track from the video. So I want to match those up note for note, since I want the CD audio on the final product. I can't figure out to make that happen. Is there a way I can "mark" that specific spot in each track ('cause I guess markers don't move with the clips in a sequence) and then align them some way? Or do I need to take the tour to Audition to make that happen? Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~Bond