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    In Design CS 6 crashing on resizing a text frame

    In Color Design

      Some specifics:

      2 MACs networked via cable directly connecting the two.

      one MAC Pro 12GB RAM 10.6 OS

      one Imac 16GB RAM 10.8 OS (this replaced another MAC Pro that we were told had a bad RAM controller when we started experiencing this odd crashing)


      I have built a 10 page document that is part of a book. This document has been working fine until today. I saved the file yesterday and came back to it today to do some more work. Everything was going along as expected until I came to a particular text frame. Every time I try to resize or delete this text frame ID crashes. I've also noticed that if I add a text frame after (next page) the problematic text frame ID crashes. Recovery says it's recovering but the file crashes in the same way after the file is reopened. I can move all the other text frames around and do other things, but when I adjust that text frame ... crash.


      If I move the problem text frame off the page, onto the workspace I can do anything I want to the frame, but, if I move it back to the page where it came and adjust it ID crashes.


      This (mysterious corruption) has happened many times over the last year or two. Not always a text frame, deleting something, moving something, small things you wouldn't think would crash the app. I think the problems started with either 5 or 5.5 ... or possibly an OS update ... or both. We've used ID for five / six years now and this issue wasn't happening before 5 or 5.5.


      Exporting to IDML results in the same problem. (clarification: I can make the adjustments to the text frame in 5.5 to the IDML file. Saved back to an INDD file, open in 6, and the problem returns.)


      Resetting prefs doesn't change this behavior with the corrupt file.


      Problem file crashes ID on both computers.


      Thoughts? Questions?