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    Australia Buyers Why are we paying so much


      I have just spoken with the Sales section and got quoted AU$699.00 to buy the Photoshop CS6 and AU$999.00 to buy the extended version.  I asked to be put through to obtain more information on what the differences were with the two programs and once this was established I asked to be put through to the sales section to buy the program.  When I was put back through I got a different sales agent who then told me it was going to cost AU$1062.00 and when I told him the priced I was previously quoted he stated that was US Dollars.


      At today conversion rate that would make the two programs AU$760.94 and AU$1,085.00.  Adobe is charging AU$1,062.00 & AU$1,519.00.


      WHY ARE YOU CHARGING an additional $300.00 and $500.00 for the same program that you are selling to US people?  There is no postage & it does not cost you anything for us to down load the program.


      I would like a full explanation and to why Adobe are over charging the Australian public for the same program.  We may be a long way from the USA but we are not stupid & ignorant.


      I am furios that they can do this.