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    newbie here, how do I change the color of my title gradually from white to sudden bloody red

    CptHatteras Level 1

      hi all, nice to be part of this forum. Ive read your questions and answers for the last week, and loved how helpful you guys and gals are.


      Im trying to make a scary video with a scary intro title that goes from peaceful relaxing white to SCARY RED!!!! (the text says something in white, and then in red "you've been warned!") I've used premier for the last two weeks but still got so much, so, very much to learn. how can this be accomplished? it must be pretty easy and obvious for you but it isnt for me. if possible besides the change in text color from white to red Id also like to make it bloody, with you know, the letters with those bloody traces/drops.


      Example: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_DMT9SbnvRzo/TLapZwa4aYI/AAAAAAAAFHw/DeW_XYJ219Q/s400/bloody+titl e.png