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    creative cloud updates fail

    helenbeee Level 1

      I get a fail message and a direction to uninstall DreamweaverCC to complete update process using the creative cloud desktop. When I try to locate the application to uninstall it its not in the program list in the control panel. Dreamweaver also is not visible in the start menu. I tried deleting the Dreamweaver folder but it makes no difference. I cannot uninstall or download or update.

      This is very frustrating and I have wasted more than one day trying to resolve this problem. Have not found any solution to the problem on the forums when I tried to get customer service they told me they didnt deal with that particular problem and gave me no referral to any other help?????


      Please give me some idea of how to resolve this issue ironically I am supposed to be giving a class estolling the virtues of a creative cloud technology using your service as an example........................I think Ill be holding off of that for awhile as I cant demonstrate anything to them GRRRRR!