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    Delete first page and move the second and the third one to the end of the document


      Hello Guys,


      First of all thanks for anyone that dedicated some time reading my post.


      I have the following "quest" for almost 1000 pdf files with different pages within.


      a) Delete the first page (I managed with the batch processing)

      b) Move page 2 and 3 after the last page of that document


      Already searched already with the "batch processing" however i didn't find any useful option.


      In my opinion (please guys correct if i'm wrong), the only way that I can do it, is with  a javascript.


      I found one on the web, and modified a little bit and tried however it doesnt work:


      // Creazione file temp per copy delle pagine 2 e 3

      var tempDoc = app.newDoc("/C/copytemp.pdf");



      // Copy delle pagine 2 e 3


                cPath: "/C/PDF Originali/*.pdf",

                nStart: 2,

                nEnd: 3




      // Copy le pagine 2 e 3 alla fine del documento:


                nPage: 100,

                cPath: "/C/copytemp.pdf"




      // Cancella pagine 1 a 3

      this.deletePages({nStart: 1, nEnd: 3});


      Anyone would be so kind to share any solution external or non from to help me out with that quest? I would really appreciate it!


      Thanks !