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    help to clear error in my script



      Here is my code to find cmyk values for selected object,I get the answers in alert window perhaps i want to get the values in rectangle filled with selected value inseted of alert window

      i want to draw a rectangle, rect = myDocument.pathItems.rectangle( 20, 20, 20, 20 ); rectangle must be some where outside artboard and fill first selected color in below code and followed by next


      can anyone help me to modify below code and bring exact output i required


      var docRef = app.activeDocument;
      var iL=docRef.pageItems.length;
      var mytext=docRef.textFrames.add();

      for (i=0;i<iL;i++)
                if (myItem.fillColor=="[CMYKColor]" && myItem.selected)
                  var c=myItem.fillColor.cyan;
                  var m=myItem.fillColor.magenta;
                  var y=myItem.fillColor.yellow;
                  var k=myItem.fillColor.black;
                  //alert ("pathItem number:"+i+" \n cyan: "+c+" \n magenta: "+m+" \n yellow: "+y+" \n black: "+k);



      i have an idea but i don't know how to come out with code, my idea is


      function rec()


      var rect = docRef.pathItems.rectangle(100,-100,26,26) ;

      var col= new CMYKColor();

      col.cyan = c;

      col.magenta = m;

      col.yellow = y;

      col.black = k;




      but i don't know its right

      please help me i'm trying this for last 2 days i couldn't get this

      i would be thankful for you


      Thank you