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    Red r3d's 24, 25 fps timebase footage in a 23.976 fps project for itunes, dvd and broadcast ... 




      i have a project that 90 percent of the footage shot on Epic and Scarlet is 23.976 fps time base and the delivery is 23.976 fps as well.


      The remaining 10 percent is at a 24, 25 fps time base.


      i have converted the clips to 23.976 fps in the project window of premier pro - right click - modify - interpret footage. is this enough to ensure it will be fine for broadcast delivery or do I need to hard ware conversion to 23.976 ? Im editing the native r3d files so no transcoding has been done.


      There is no audio attached to the clips purely vision so there are no issues with the audio side of things.


      Also I have some phantom footage that is in pro res format at 30 fps - I also converted in the same way to 23.976 and was unsure as this is in a QuickTime format if this would need hardware converting or if the conversion to 23.976 with in premier was enough.


      Any advice would be really appreciated !


      Many thanks, Tim.