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    EB 2.1 store/retrieve prefs issue




      I am testing EB 2.1 with FB 4.6 on a fresh MAC osx 10.8.4 installation and Creative Cloud.


      I found an issue compiling and running the demo "CSXprefbase" extension into InDesign CC.


      After having stored a demo data when I try to retrive using:



                          public function retrieve(preferenceID:String):void {

        //make CSXS call to retrieve preference

                                    var result:SyncRequestResult = CSXSInterface.getInstance().retrievePreference(preferenceID);

                                    if (result.status == SyncRequestResult.COMPLETE && result.data) {

                                                   decode(result.data as String);


           else {

                  throw new Error("Could not retrieve object with id " + preferenceID + ".");




      I get a NULL result and the status contains "InvalidReturnParams".
      This makes not possible to store and retrive preferences.


      Is this a known issue? Does this depends on wrong OS folder permissions?



      Thank you