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    InDesign layout problem in CS6

    Mozzer27 Level 1

      Hi When I go to place my 200 page Word document into InDesign CS6 it stops halway through - after 80 pages or so and leaves an overrun marker. I'm using  the Autoplace command - ie select File to place, then hold down the Shift key and click where I want the first page of the document to go. I proof read the Word 2013 document beforehand so I can't think that that is anything to do with it. It's very time consuming and tedious to have to place 120 pages manually. Anyone got any suggestions?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Open the story in Story Editor and examine the text immediately after the overset indicator. Something is too big to fit -- A table with a cell too tall for the frame, a very large inline image, a string of text with No Break applied, text separated by non-breaking spaces with hyphenation turned off, extreme indents that don't leave space for text in the font size specified, or keep options that prevent the text from appearing (check those on the last paragraph before the overset, the paragraph with the text that follows the overset indicator, and the paragraph following) are among the most common problems that can cause this.