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    Premiere CC support Closed Captions with mpeg2, mpg, ts import and export embedded


      Using a side-car file is not an option. This question is about embedded closed caption files.


      Will Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud support the import of closed captioned data from already captioned mpg, ts, mpeg2 video files, and will it support the export of mpg, ts, mpeg2 video with closed captions embedded? If they are adding this feature, do you know when? At least a rough estimate?


      I create content that broadcasts ON DEMAND for major cable television providers and currently we are working with Mac Caption/ Caption Maker and Manzanita to individually caption each video. We need the ability to take the finalized captioned content and occasionally cut sections out and replace with other finalized captioned content. We wanted to do this without needing to RE-Caption every video after we export from Premiere, as that will add many additional hours of work per video.


      Researching online I found that CC supports the import and export of embedded QuickTime closed captioned files. Our provider's standards are mpg/ts. One youtube video I found said that Adobe was adding mpeg2/ts support for closed captioning but I can not find any official word on the subject.


      I appreciate any and all help/information on the subject.