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    Drawing Table in flex

      I Want to make a table component by specifying the number of rows, columns, the height(could be relative in ft) and width(could be relative in ft) of the table. By Default all the cells created for the table are to be of same size(dimensions). But Latter on i want to resize it. Also i need the dimension of each and every cells created(rel. in ft). Also i need to upload an image in every cell.

      I have imlement a dynamic datagrid for this purpose, but i can't get the dimension of each cell. Also i can resize columns of the grid but can't resize the row's height and width by mouse events.

      Can i make this component in flex or a component which is there in buzzword application(www.buzzword.com)

      If yes then, is there any prebuild library? or guideline available?

      Please help me out.