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    CS6 panels hang + Prefs keep resetting...Help!


      I've been using CS6 for over a year and no issues. I upgraded to Lion, no issues. Then two weeks ago InDesign started going wonky:


      - right-side panels will not open upon clicking for 20-30 seconds, very laggy and make it impossible to work.

      - Every time I turn off my system, my InDesign preferences re-set to default (Except for default font, that stays the same).


      I've looked through the forums and no solution seems to apply.


      My system:


      OS Lion 10.7.5

      2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      16 GB DDR3


      I use Suitcase Fusion 4, and have been since installing CS6...no new plugins installed since issue started.


      Thank you much!