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    Captivate 7 Mac Trial hangs - any suggestions to fix?


      Do you have any suggestions for getting Captivate 7 trial running on iMac with OSX 10.8.4 and 8GB RAM? Thanks in advance.


      The application starts up, but Create New>Blank Project causes the application to hang (spinning wheel).


      For what it's worth, Console error log reports (amongst other logging info):

      12-08-13 16:42:02,452 Adobe Captivate[537]: *** process 537 exceeded 500 log message per second limit  -  remaining messages this second discarded ***

      12-08-13 16:44:17,976 spindump[549]: Adobe Captivate [537] didn't gather any samples due to audio running


      Clearing cache/preferences/disabling audio for recording: doesn't help.


      PS. 1. : A project from Captivate 5.5 can be loaded and slides are shown, but the moment an item in a slide is clicked to start editing, the Captivate 7 applications hangs.

      PS 2. : After opening a Captivate 5.5. project, it can be saved (unedited) from Captivate 7, but files are huge. After re-opening the project (just saved from Captivate 7) in Captivate 7 again, any attempt to edit a slide will cause Captivate 7 to hang.