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    Play button become next button ?

    kjh987 Level 1



      Is there a way to make a repeat button ? Right now, when I click play my video start but if I click play again at the end of my video, it change slide but I would like it to play my video again...





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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi Caroline,


          There is no repeat button which would play your video again.

          However you may do the following:

          1. To prevent jumping to the next slide automatically make 'advance by user option' yes for that slide. This  can be done from Presenter->Slide Manager. Select the slide and select advance by user as Yes.

          2. Also you may go to the beginning of the video by clciking anytime at the start of progress bar on the playbar.


          let me know if you need any other help.



          Alpi Agarwal

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team