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    Automatically adding rows when pasting data in a formatted table

    Roya R

      I have a very large excel file I want to copy and paste into a pre-formatted table with a header and footer in InDesign. When I go to paste the data, when it gets to the footer row, it clears what I had in the footer row and adds columns to the side to continue flowing data. There are a bunch of unformatted "footer" rows below what used to contain the footer row information now containing all overflow text.


      If I have an excess of rows when I paste the data, the footer stays at the bottom of the page like I want it to, and I can place the overset text as a table (still formatted correctly) on a new page. The problem then is that I have all these extra rows that make it seem like there's more overset text when they're just blank rows. Also, the amount of data is always changing, so I can't know how many extra rows I'll need every time.


      Is there a way I can make it add rows according to how many I am pasting in from excel?