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    My Adobe Indesign is not working

    Saleem Pasha

      I have some problem with my Adobe Indesign software. Lat time I was working in it and my cursor went in busy mode with colourful circle. I waited much but it could't stopped, so I try to quit my software with command+alt+esc. Then after I try to start my software many times but it gives message that Indesign was quit unexpectedly, and send the report to Adobe. I have done it many times but not succeeded. Can anybody guide me to solve this problem?


      Saleem Pasha


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi Saleem,


          We discourage publishing your personal email here because we like to keep all correspondence public so other users may find it in the future if they have a similar question, and it attracts spam.


          Which version of ID are you using?


          In the meantime, the crash on startup is probably casued by corrupt data in the InDesign Recovery folder left over from your force quit. If you empty that folder (which is a hidden folder, so you need to know how to show hidden folders on your Mac) you should be able to start ID once again. The default location for the Recovery Folder is

          Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>/<Language>/ (Note: Prior to version 6 [CS4] the language folder is not used).

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            Saleem Pasha Level 1

            Thanks Sir


            I have got the solution to recovered my software back eith the technical support of you. I thanks again and especially for marking my fault to post my personal email ID on discussion forum.



            Saleem Pasha