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    Ajax Bridge with no "getRoot()" method when using flash builder 4.7 trail


      i am working on ajax bridge with flashbuilder 4.7 trial, the ide generated the ajax bridge html&js code for me, but when i browsing it in my safari 6.0, there is no effect.


      after a long time debuging, i added a try-catch in the js file auto-generated by flashbuilder:


      function ex3_07_solutionReady() {

                // Initialize the "root" object. This represents the actual

                // "ex3_07_solution.mxml" flex application.

                try {

                               b_ex3_07_solution_root = FABridge["b_ex3_07_solution"].root();

                } catch(e) {






      and i got this error message:


      TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.target.getRoot()')


      Does anyone have this problem?? I need all your help!