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    DaVinci to Premier Pro CS6


      Hey all,

         I've edited my short film(shot with Red one and edited in its native r3d format) in Premiere and and then had it color graded though a color gradist in DaVinci. The gradist has given the files ini .dpx format, as it is the best resolution possible. But he didn't give me the xml file. Unfortunatley he is unable to provide the xml now, because of his work issues. Now, how do I reassemble the graded clips in Premiere? Any help?? Thanks.

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi iamjithu,

          Do you have original XML file that you gave the colorist? The original should match the color corrected version. You will have to relink the clips.




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            dsfsdsdfsdffdsf Level 2

            I guess there's also the potential that the grader could have written out the short as one continuous sequence, start to finish, which would make things easy. Resolve gives that option as well as shot by shot. If it's shot by shot it should match the source XML/EDL as Kevin suggested.

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              iamjithu Level 1

              Thanks Kevin,

                 I do have the original  xml file. I haven't tried to relink the xml session, which I will definitely try. But I did try to relink with the original Premiere session as the clip names are the same, but I couldn't as the files are in .dpx format(as I had mentioned) as the file names are actually folders with images inside them. But  I will definitely try to open the xml and relink the clips.