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    Importing from DVD - multiple frame rates

    SteveC100 Level 1

      I'm working on an editing sample reel, using material from DVDs. I rip the DVDs via either Ripit or Mac DVD Ripper Pro (MDRP) and then import either the whole disk or the individual vob files into Premiere Pro CC. Either way, the first clip of the main feature displays a frame rate of 29.97 in PP, while the other vobs from the main movie display 23.976. 29.97 is clearly wrong -- video shows a lot of tearing, when you stop you see frame jumps, and sync drifts. All the 23.976 files look good. I've opened 7 DVDs this way and all have the same problem -- the first file is wrong, the others are right. (Image below -- first file is at 29.97, the others are at 23.976.)


      If I change the frame rate on the first file, it looks better but it's running too slow and audio sounds s l o w e d down.


      Anybody know what's going on here? I was  excited to use Premiere for this project, because it can work with the DVD files without  transcoding. But so far, no love.





      frame rates on DVD.png