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    Extreme slow down with New Photoshop CC


      We have volumne licensing and I am  the IT director.  I have read many posts on the forum regarding slowness  of performance of photoshop cc.

      In a  response someone said that "3rd  party software or drivers or bad fonts can cause lots of problems.  Here  are the things I have tried - reset Photoshop back to the factory settings and did NOT IMPORT settings.

      All of my machines ran the CS5.5 photoshop just  fine.  Most of my machines have 8, 12, 16 GB ram.  Most are I5, I7  processors.  So if we uninstalled the old version and downloaded the new  CC version, it should run the same - but it is almost unusable on some  machines.   These are relatively new machines.


      I have told our Antivirus to ignore PSB, PSD and Photoshop  compleletly.  We have turned compression off.  I have updated all  computers to the lastest windows 7 and Win 8 updates.  We have added  Photoshop and psb, psd to be ignored in the computer firewall settings.   At this point I have been on hold with Photoshop support for over 2  hours and been transferred around multiple times.  I just need some  guidance as to what exactly to look for to delete or update to improve  the performance?  can anyone help me?