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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keeps Crashing

    littlebird1979 Level 1

      The following are my computer Specs for my HP with Windows 7 Home Premium

      computer specs.JPG

      I am a Creative Cloud Subscriber and at this point I am a really unhappy customer.  I've tried re-installing the software, running as administrator, and still I am have nothing but crashes.  Most times I load it crashes on load up.  Other times it will load a project and then crash.  I sometimes also get into a project for a few minutes, then another crash.  It's getting to a point where I am so frustrated, because I have looked over these forums and everything I see the Staff members mentioning, I try...yet still it's not working.  Someone please help me figure out why it keeps crashing, their are no error messages given to me...all I get is the Windows 7 message that it has stopped working and then a close option. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help me, I beg of you.  I am working in Adobe Audition too for recording and most times it works and doesn't crash, but I notice that sometimes it takes 3 attempts to start the program to run properly.  Once Audition CC is open I have had no trouble.  Now that I am working with video and audio...I need to be able to use Premiere.  I hope this isn't too long of a rant, but I am sincerely frustrated with this.