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    Import OMF into Premiere

    Stianscfl Level 1


      How do I import OMF file into Premiere? Has Exported out OMF file from Premiere earlier and made finishing in ProTools, and will now import the OMF file back into Premiere. Is this possible? If not what is the easiest solution? We will do some cutting changes, it would have been fine with sound in sync.

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          Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee



          Thanks for your post. As per the workflow Premiere pro can export the OMF files but It is unable to import the OMF files. The OMF's are not in the supported list of audio formats that Premiere Pro imports. The format supported for importing in Premiere pro are listed below. You can import the file if you change the format of the audio using any third party converter and then export it again in OMF.








          AC3 (including 5.1 surround)

          AIFF, AIF

          ASND (Adobe Sound Document)

          AVI (Video for Windows)

          BWF (Broadcast WAVE format)

          M4A (MPEG-4 Audio)

          mp3 (mp3 Audio)

          MPEG, MPG (MPEG Movie)

          MOV (QuickTime; requires QuickTime player)

          MXF (Media eXchange Format; P2 Movie: Panasonic Op-Atom variant of MXF, with video in DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD,

          AVC-Intra; XDCAM HD Movie, Sony XDCAM HD 50 (4:2:2), Avid MXF Movie)

          WMA (Windows Media Audio, Windows only)

          WAV (Windows WAVeform)


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            psiclopse Level 1

            OK... so you're telling us that you can shoot over audio to audition, edit it, but can only bring back a fully bounced session?  That... kinda sucks.

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              shooternz Level 6

              There is a lot more functionality in this round trip with latest versions.


              eg export back with stems., xml etc...


              Sometimes you have to try stuff for your self.

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                jameso95490097 Level 1

                what he said

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                  UNHAPPY_ADOBE_USER Level 1

                  This is what worked for me (Premiere 2015.2, Build 41 and Audition 2015.1, Build


                  Open the OMF file in Audition

                  Audition will prompt you to create a new folder to store the new files

                  The file will open with the media on it's original tracks

                  Open Premiere

                  Create a sequence in Premiere

                  Return to Audition

                  Choose "Multitrack" from the menu in the top left

                  Choose "Export to Adobe Premiere"

                  The audio will now be exported to separate tracks in Premiere

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                    jeffhayford' Level 1

                    The thing that worked for me was to export a FCP XML out of Audition and then import that into Premiere. Bit wonky and I agree PPro would do well to allow OMF import, seems like it wouldn't be that hard.

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                      funkytwig Level 1

                      Just tried this with CC 2017 and al the levels were set to 0db on all the clips.  Is this something to do with constant power not being supported.