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    Premiere pro video preview playback issues

    mathewlisett Level 1

      Hi folks, ive stated this via twitter to adobe and they have asked me to say the issue here. so here goes.


      just built a cheap s775 system but with a msi 3gb gtx580 (becuase of the cores etc)


      now the board is a evga sli 780i with 4gb ddr2.


      now when i deal with the filters, i have no issues with the filters taking little to no time to show the difference, and even when i place myself into a different spot in the footage, the effects take no time at all really.


      my issue is that i was under the impression that playback would be far more efficient than cpu playback, even though settings are at full HD, but the preview quality ive set to either 1/2 or 1/4thinking it might help.


      the mercury with cuda ive also set on aswell.


      i will be doing a new system in the coming months ,but wanted to be educated to maybe seeing if theres soemthign else i didnt know .