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    Need help moving a PPro CS6 Project from Mac to Windows

    sailon99 Level 1

      I have a complete project on a Mac and want to finish it out on a new Windows system we just purchased.  CS6 on both.


      I tried to open the project on the Windows machine and as PPro tries to link up media I get a message:  Cannot Link Media.  The selected file cannot be linked becaue its type (audio) does not match the original file's ty pe (audio and video).


      The file it is trying to link is a Quicktime file.  There are several in the  project.


      I imagine this is a simple issue.  I'm hoping its a simple and solveable one.  We are planning to move our work to this new Windows machine but have a lot of Mac projects we hope to be able to update on the new machine.


      Thanks in advance!