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    Empty symbol but need it reload


      Hi, I really love Edge Animate. I'm able to do so much as a designer (with a little bit of code experience) that I possibly couldn't do handcoding.  I've migrated across various platforms over the years but Edge is definitely a tool I will use as a core authoring tool. Keep the updates coming!


      Ok I've read about 8 articles on this forum on Youtube videos and stopping sound using the




      BUT, once I've emptied the container, I want to be able to access it again and play the symbol. I don't know how to load the container once it's been emptied. I tried


      sym.$("blah").empty().append (youtube);


      but doesnt work


      I just need the video to load again from the beginning, I dont need youtube API integration for remembering where it stopped, I just want to reload the symbol "blah" after its been emptied.


      Check out the work in progress...


      Page 1 - had no video

      Page 2 - has video bg, ignore that, the two videos behind the slider have no empty commands and keep playing in background

      Page 3 - on the page that says 'Nadi', behind teh slider is the video that has the empty and I just want to reload it after its been closed


      Staging demo http://whakarongo.com/stage12/start.html