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    Collecting Asian Fonts

    SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

      Im having a lot of issues getting Font Agent Pro 5 to work correctly with InDesign CS5. The fonts that I need are activated, but soemtimes do and do not show up in the InDesign when I open files. I have read on these forums that there is sometimes a delayed response with activation, but this doesnt seem to be the case. Even if I open a new doc the activated font does not appear in the font list. I have tried using Smasher and Font Doctor so the fonts should be relatively clean for the most part. In particular, I can not package asian fonts even when I do see them activated in Indesign. Any further troubleshooting tips I could get would be greatly appreciated. I havent had much luck with Insiders Software the makers of FAP. Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          ID has never packaged most Asian fonts. If you look at the package dialog, the checkbox option says Copy Fonts (Except CJK). CJK means Chinese, Korean, Japanese and I wouldn't be surprised if ID ignored other complex scripts as well.


          As far as showing up, ID is fussier than most applications about the quality of fonts. Can you tell us which fonts in particular are activated but don't show up? One of our complex font users may know if they are generally problematic. Also, be sure to check the entire font list. Asian fonts should be near the bottom, but they might be sorted incorrectly.

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            SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

            Hi Peter-Thanks for your response. A big "duh" on me re: the checkbox option that exempts the CJK fonts. Thing is, this is my first foray into using asian fonts after 30 odd years in this business. I am aware of where they appear in the font list so I am sure that they werent loading.


            I do believe in having the most organized and pristine font possible. I've tried hard w/getting the ones Im working with into what I consider good shape, but who knows. I have also read no these forums to dispose of the .lst files. I havent done that in ages-I didnt realize that that still had an effect on fonts so I guess I'll give that a try next. In the past, Ive had great succcess cleaning up fonts and working w/Suitcase and even Font Explorer. This Font Agent Pro seems flakey to me. It has real problems with opening fonts dynamically. I have had to restart the computer several times in order for them to be recognized. But, sometimes not even that helps. Yesterday, I resorted to putting the fonts I needed in the User/Lib/Fonts Folder.


            I cant really say that it's one or just a few certain fonts that I notice being problematic-it varies from doc to doc. Thank you for your input. Much obliged.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Just in case, be sure to check the very bottom of the list -- if ID can't identify the language group becasue it isn't coded correctly, that's where they wind up.

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                SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

                Yup, they only showed up there after I put them in the Library Folder.