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    How do I create a keyboard shortcut for compressing text?


      I am in a prepress situation where we build print advertisements.

      The company has just gone over to Indesign from Quark.

      I would like quick access to text compression similar to Quark's 'Ctrl ['.

      I can't find the facility to compress in 'Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts/Type'.

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          ratiokontakt Level 1

          - Navigate to Adobe InDesign's "Edit" menu and select "Keyboard Shortcuts." The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box comes up on your screen.

          - Click on the "Set" pop-up at the top of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. Choose "Shortcuts for QuarkXPress 4.0." Now click "OK." That's all you have to do to make Adobe InDesign behave more like QuarkXPress.

          - Attempt to use a QuarkXPress shortcut and you find your familiar hands-on environment within Adobe InDesign. This saves you time by letting you leverage the value of your experience in a new software package.

          - Return to the "Edit" menu and choose "Keyboard Shortcuts" again if you prefer the keyboard commands from QuarkXPress but always wanted to change one or more of them. Don't try to edit the shortcuts in the "QuarkXPress 4.0" set  itself. Instead, click the "New Set" button. In the window that comes up, type a distinctive name for your new shortcut set. Choose "Shortcuts for QuarkXPress 4.0" from the "Based on Set" pop-up. Now click "OK." The "Product Area" pop-up  helps you assign new shortcuts to as many menu items as you wish. (If you try to assign a shortcut that's already in use, you see the conflict listed at the bottom of the dialog box.) When you've finished your changes, click "OK" to use your  new settings.

          - Test your new shortcuts

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'm a firm advocate of learning ID's default shortcuts instead of switching to Quark's, but that's becasue I don't think you'll ever be comfortable in ID until you stop thinking about how Quark does things.


            As far as the shortcuts for compressing the text (reducing the horizontal scale) which is what I believe that shortcut does in Q, you'll find the commands in the shortcut editor under the Product Area: Text and Tables rather than the Type menu area. There are no predefined shorcuts for this, so add whatever you like. I suggest, though, that you not use Ctrl + [ which is ID's default shortcut to Send Backward.