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    "No" button missing for new "adding book to library"

    Yves Apel - IC Level 2



      in the new ADE 2.0.1 update, you implemented a feature, which is asking if I want to add my ebook to the library when closing.




      Unfortunately, you forgot to implement the "No" button in the question, because I never want to add my ebooks to the library. Even if selecting "Don't show this alert again" and then pressing "Cancel", the question comes up the next time I open onother or the same ebook!


      So I want to select once "No", "Don't show this alert again" and never see the question again!




      I have now a few more clicks to do when closing which makes ADE useless for me (really I mean useless) for proofing:

      With the 2.0 Version I clicked close and it has been closed

      With the 2.0.1 update I click close and I will be asked to save the ebook to the library. I click cancel and my book ist still open. I click close again and the eBook is finally closed.




      Thanks and kind regards,


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          sjpt Level 4

          I hadn't noticed the 2.0.1 update; just installed it ~~~ it surely can't be worse than 2.0 despite this particular regression.

          Judging by results, I don't think there can be an ADE product test team, and not at all sure if there is a product designer either.


          I use 1.7.2 for day to day use, as it is faster, easier to use and has fewer bugs ~ in particular 2.0 does not work with my Sony ereader in conjuction with Overdrive library books.  I see that 2.0.1 hasn't fixed that bug.

          A bizarre one ~ if the Sony is plugged in, I can't even read library books on ADE2.0.x, let alone transfer them.