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    Communication between .swf files

      Using Flash 8 Pro, AS 2.0, I'm loading and running (via loadMovieNum) an .swf file into an already existing but stop()'ed .swf file. At completion of the now-running .swf file I would like to advance the timeline of the pre-existing .swf file, to it's next point (label), which would again load and run another .swf file (again, via loadMovieNum).

      I can not seem to correctly address the timeline of the pre-existing .swf file.

      I have labels setup, so I thought: myFile.gotoAndPlay("myLabel");
      would do it, but no. So I tried: myFile.gotoAndPlay(1);
      But again, no joy.

      I've tried _level0, _parent, tellTarget...

      Admittedly the depth of my knowledge with level depths and dot-notation is thin, not to mention Actionscript or debugging multiple timelines, but on the other hand I've looked everywhere I can think of for an in-depth (hmm, no pun :) discussion of managing concurrently running timelines, to no avail.

      I would really appreciate someone leading out of my wilderness with some logic and that one AS statement I've overlooked, or a reference to examples of similar implementations, or how to debug such implementations, or best of all titles of AS books/ebooks which really breakdown the topic. Thanks for any assistance.

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          dr_ross Level 1
          if you use MovieClipLoader instead, or even just straight loadMovie, you'll find routing to different levels/scopes a lot easier.

          then you can just load the new movie into another movieclip and either route back to the timeline using a variable set when loading in onLoadInit or do a evil _root hack.